OKLAHOMA CITY - A bill that would allow children to take cannabis oil to control their seizures is headed to the Governor. House members approved a final version of the bill with an 85 to 5 vote.

Gov. Mary Fallin is expected to sign the bill and because of emergency clause, the children would be able to get the medication immediately.

Ten-Year-Old Katie Dodd's story started when she was just 6 months old and had her first seizure. Since then she has taken 21 different medications, had two brain surgeries and a VNS (nerve stimulator) implant. But the seizures continued.

“There's really nothing left on earth that we haven't tried so this is it,” said Katie's mother, Kelli.

After the House passed the bill, Kelli contacted Katie's doctor and the Realm of Caring in Colorado who produces a type of CBD oil called Charlotte's Web. As soon as the bill becomes law, the doctor will write a prescription and Realm of Caring will ship the oil.

“As soon as the Governor signs the bill, we could be using it within a week. As soon as we could get it shipped to our home,” explained Kelli.

“It's not often you get to pass legislation that you're positive will have a direct impact on people's lives,” said Rep. Jon Echols, who is Katie's uncle and also authored the bill.

The bill legalizes the use and shipping of a non-intoxicating level of CBD oil to Oklahoma children with severe seizures.

“As part of the 2013 Federal Hemp Act, we've added in language that allows the shipping to the state of Oklahoma, but only pursuant to this act,” explained Echols.

Katie's parents hope the oil will reduce her seizures and allow them to wean her off the pharmaceuticals and their dangerous side effects.

“We're so excited, we just can't wait,” said Kelli.

The bill also allows for FDA approved studies of CBD oil on children. OU Medical has a medical trial they would start if the governor signs the bill by May 1.