BINGER, Oklahoma - The widow of the Washita County Undersheriff who died in a freak accident last year during a car chase was able to carry out his last wish over the weekend.

Undersheriff Bryan Beck and a Burns Flat Police Officer died when their vehicles collided during that chase 15 months ago. On Saturday, Beck's wife Shannon Beck carried out her husband's last request.

She says when her husband was alive, he told her if he were to die, he wanted her to load some of his ashes into shotgun shells and then go shoot a turkey. Shannon says turkeys were her husband's favorite animal.

With the help of local hunting expert Kip Peck, Shannon Beck was able to shoot a turkey Saturday morning near Binger.

“It was truly exhilarating,” she said Monday. “It was emotional. It was also a great sense of pride that I did what he wanted. I fulfilled his wishes.”

Shannon says she's not going to eat the animal. She says she chose to have it mounted as a monument to her husband.