YUKON, Oklahoma - The earthquake is hitting home for people from Nepal now living all over the world. One Oklahoman told News 9 his entire neighborhood back home was leveled and his family is now living in the streets.

Janarjan Koirala, known as JK, moved to Yukon, Okla. from Nepal seven years ago. He says his heart sank when he learned of the catastrophic 7.8 earthquake that wiped out his hometown.

Even though he's over 8,000 miles away from his homeland, he hurts every time he sees the high death toll continue to rise.

JK says he's relieved that all of his family is alive, but he has friends and neighbors who didn't make it. He says the majority of the Nepal's survivors are homeless and in need of mass help, mainly shelter, food and medical supplies.

“It is pretty scary like my mom has told me like she keeps feeling quakes and aftershocks every 10-15 minutes, and she's says I feel like we're not going to survive,” JK said.

“Not only my parents, but they got nowhere to go like the whole village is out of houses, they don't have any shelter, my uncle doesn't have a house, they don't have anywhere go, so I have to do something, that's why I'm trying to reach out to people so all of us we can come together.”