OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma Girl Scout is enjoying sweet success after selling the most Girl Scout cookies ever. She may look familiar because she set a world record last year, and then shattered her own record this year.

Katie Francis actually turned down some national interviews last year so she could stay in Oklahoma City and sell more cookies. This year, the 13-year-old sold 22,200 boxes, which are 810,000 cookies.

“It's lots of fun, it's thrilling all the time and I enjoy it a lot,” Francis said.

The Hefner Middle School 7th grader beat her own world record she set last year.

“I really miss the girl scout cookie sale when it's over because I meet so many nice people in the community along the way,” Francis explained.

She said she sold cookies every day after school and on weekends.

“I feel like I spent even more time than I have ever before,” Francis told News 9.

It was a full-time job and she maintained straight A's while doing it.

Troops get a portion of the proceeds from each box of cookies sold and Francis' Troop 3469 is using its money to pay for another local troop to go to camp that otherwise could not afford to go.

“It's such a big part of girl scouts and it's so fun and they've always wanted to do this that we thought they would enjoy it,” Francis said.

Francis is pushing ahead to hit her lifetime goal of selling 100,000 boxes.

“You can always achieve your dreams, no matter how much hard work you have to put in,” she explained.

Francis said she does not plan to try to set a new record next year, but she will be selling cookies for the next five years.

Her troop also donates cookie proceeds to non-profits like the Make A Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

The Girl Scouts are also celebrating Troop 357 out of Edmond, which saw all 18 girls reach goals. As a result, they have paid for summer camp at E-Ko-Wah and have enough money to pay for their trip to Savannah, GA, to visit the Girl Scouts birthplace.

Avrianna Ruhl, 5, is a new Daisy Girl Scout in Troop 3126 in Enid. She set her goal at 30 boxes for her first time, but ended up selling 1,003 boxes sold! She went door-to-door almost every night and dressed up as a Girl Scout Super Hero while selling.