OKLAHOMA CITY - A school bus driver for the Mid-Del School District is now behind bars after being treated for injuries he sustained in a Monday morning crash, after he plowed into at least five other drivers along SE 15th Street in Oklahoma City.

Odis Clayton Pitts, 58, was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail Wednesday morning. Oklahoma City police reports released Wednesday, state first responders found K-2 in his pocket.

Pitts is currently being held on an $11,500 bond.

Back in, 2004 he was convicted of assault and battery after pleading guilty to the crime. But despite this, he was still hired as a bus driver for the Mid-Del School District and allowed to drive young children to school.

The district policy states Mid-Del conducts National Criminal History Checks on all prospective employees. If the National Criminal History Check reveals a prior felony offense conviction, the applicant will be denied employment. But there is nothing said about misdemeanor crimes.

“People like that don't deserve to be working for public schools or public transportation, or anything,” said Claudia Montiel, whose husband was one of the drivers Pitts crashed into on Monday. “They don't deserve that. They hurt innocent people.”

Surveillance video from a nearby business showed the bus speeding down SE 15th just minutes before. And witnesses stated they saw the bus speeding and driving erratically.

“I was kind of scared thinking it could have been my car, my kids,” said Teresa Estrada, a convenience store clerk who works nearby where the car collisions happened.

Right now, Mid-Del Schools are not responding to questions about the accident. They are also not commenting about Pitts' criminal record. But the district maintains the crash happened after students had been dropped off at the school.

So, what was Pitts doing driving them in the first place? And was he smoking K-2 earlier when he was driving children to school?

The police report states both a pipe and Synthetic marijuana was found on Pitts and the pipe looked to be freshly burnt. He was unresponsive at the scene, but did agree to a blood test at the hospital.

The DA will have to determine what charges will be filed.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Mid-Del Schools did confirm Pitts had been fired in the past and was rehired and considered in good standing the past two school years. The district states that he is no longer an Employee of Mid-Del Schools. Superintendent Dr. Pam Deering released this statement by video: