OKLAHOMA CITY - A Gaillardia home was one of at least three locations that were the focus of a multiple-agency raid Wednesday morning. Federal and local law enforcement also searched a warehouse and a Ziggy's store in Bethany.

Police officers and federal agents at the Ziggy's store on North McArthur could be seen loading up boxes labeled “DEA evidence”. According to those who work around there, police lined up in formation and moved in on the store around 9 am.

Cristina Galicia arrived at work a short time later.

“I always come in and there's people rushing in and out of Ziggy's but not this morning,” said Galicia.

That's the same time those who work around a warehouse at 8201 Glade Ave. say federal and local agents arrived there. By 11 a.m. the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics truck had set up shop.

Jim Gardner and Bob Mills Sky News 9 were over the Gaillardia home as agents with the IRS, DEA, and Homeland Security as well as the Oklahoma City Police Department went in. A spokesperson with the Oklahoma Attorney General's office says the home belongs to the owners of Ziggy's. The US Attorney's office is leading up the investigation, but a spokesperson with the agency won't comment about today's events.

However, those who work near this warehouse say it has been under surveillance from undercover agents for some time. They also say there are typically very few people at the warehouse during the day, but large numbers at nights and on weekends.

While News 9 cameras were there, we did see a sheriff's deputy take one person out of the building in handcuffs.

At the Ziggy's store, Cristina says last summer there were large numbers of people buying something called incense but that stopped. Then recently she noticed business picking up again,

“I don't think it's the same product I see different packages on the sidewalk. Now they have like a smiley face and it says air freshener.”