An Ohio police officer is being praised for the restraint he showed by not shooting a murder suspect threatening him and wanting the officer to kill him. But at the same time I asked if he didn't endanger himself and the public protecting a man already suspected of two murders.

Here's what you had to say about My 2 Cents.

Ann first: "Excellent as always What a dilemma!"

Coby noted at the officer was a former Marine like himself: "we were all trained the same way...make sure you see a weapon, make a quick rational decision based on the safety of ourselves, bystanders, and the accused."

Allen writes: "The criminals are becoming more brazen because the public is choosing criminals over police protection."

David in Blanchard says: "I kinda blame the media for Cops hesitating now. I don't like bad cops cop going John Rambo but I don't like seeing good cops having to think "If I shoot this guy, what will the media think?"

Doreen tried to spin it this way: "I wonder if he would have done the same for a young african america male"

Cheryl writes: "It is a shame that it has came down to this for Police Officers .... !!!! What are they suppose to do , hold their hands up and say don't shoot .... !!!!"

Finally, from Luanna: "A person already suspected of murder, this officer put himself in jeopardy."

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's Your 2 Cents.