OKLAHOMA CITY - On Sunday, many people from all over the nation came to Oklahoma City to take part in the 20th anniversary memorial service.

Some came to the fence, which has become a special part of the Oklahoma City national memorial. It is where people from all over the world have come and placed something personal of theirs to show that they will never forget what happened here.

Friends and Families of those who died also placed special items along the fence.

Julie Welch was one of the 168 people who died that day. Her aunt places a wreath here in her memory every Easter and every Christmas. On Sunday she hung a poem by the wreath she made for the 20th anniversary to honor Julie.

“That's why I started it in the first place. It's healing. [I]feel her spirit,” said Julie's aunt, Gerarda Welch.

A lot of families say they feel very close to their loved ones out here and say this memorial definitely brings them peace and is a fitting tribute to remember all the victims and survivors.

Sunday morning a young man was walking by the fence, handing out a poem called “Oklahoma City Strength”; something Oklahomans showed plenty of in the days and years that followed the Oklahoma City bombing and which exemplifies what became known as the Oklahoma standard.