POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Jim Gardner and Bob Mills SkyNews 9 HD were in the air as investigators found human remains hidden on a property in Pottawatomie County five weeks ago. Those remains were recently confirmed to be that of Samantha Weaver, who vanished in 2012.

The family of Samantha Weaver said after nearly three years they can finally put her to rest.

Investigators said 41-year-old Troy Loveland was the last person to see Samantha.

He was charged with the First Degree Murder in her death.

“It's been hard, yep, sure has. But it's better now,” said Samantha's father, Lloyd Weaver.

The sudden disappearance of Samantha had been a mystery for the family. But, Samantha's father said he knew Troy Loveland killed his daughter.

“Something in my heart told me that he done [sic] something that he wasn't ready to ever get out, or he thought he was smart enough to keep it hid [sic], but, you know how things work out,” said Weaver.

Human remains were found last month buried in a shallow grave at a home just north of Shawnee.

“We were able to identify her positively through some very distinctive tattoos which still remained on the human remains,” said Pottawatomie County District Attorney, Richard Smothermon.

Smothermon said Loveland's home was the last place Samantha was seen alive. Her body was found just 51 feet from Loveland's front door.

“We followed up on hundreds of leads. We interviewed dozens of witnesses, and the problem was we always suspected it was Troy Loveland, we just couldn't prove it until we found her body on his property,” said Smothermon.

And then on April 2, the Pottawatomie County District Attorney's office received a hand-written confession addressed to "Mr. Smotherman," saying:

"I take full responsibility for the murder of Samantha and the hiding of her body. None of my family believed me guilty of doing anything to her."

The letter was signed by "Troy Loveland."

“I feel a lot better now because we know where she's at now,” said Weaver. “Before we was [sic] lost, we didn't know, maybe she just took off.”

Troy Loveland is already serving a 24-year sentence for the Domestic Assault and Battery by Strangulation and Kidnapping of another woman.

He'll go before a Pottawatomie County judge early next week.