WANETTE, Oklahoma - Charges were filed against a former high school teacher accused of Soliciting and Possessing Child Pornography. The investigation began after a 16-year-old came forward saying the teacher asked her for nude photos.

The Wanette teen told investigators her former math teacher requested the nude photos of her multiple times before she sent them, only sending them out of fear he would fail her if she didn't.

Charles Dawson a 43-year-old former Wanette math teacher was charged with two felonies after admitting he requested of nude photos from one of his students.

The 16-year-old told investigators "she was asked through instant messages … by her teacher Charles Clay Dawson to send him a nude picture of her breasts." She also told investigators that he was asked "to send a nude picture of her vagina."

To Dawson's neighbors in Purcell, this was not the man they knew.

“I just couldn't believe it. I mean he's the nicest man and I just thought he would be a wonderful neighbor. I never dreamed he would do anything like that,” said neighbor Sandy Ary.

Court documents said the teen received a reply of a smiley face from Dawson after she sent the pictures.

“You think you are sending them to school to be safe but that's not how it is. Now they have to be afraid of teachers,” said Ary.

Earlier this month, Dawson resigned after being questioned by investigators in the superintendent's office.

During the questioning, "Charles Dawson admitted to asking for the nude picture[s]" And said he received three other nude photos from a 15-year-old student. "He did not request the pictures ... but did look at these pictures on his phone then deleted the pictures."

“I'm just in shock. I mean I am sure his wife is devastated,” said Ary.

Dawson told investigators he knew the actions were wrong but did not report the incidents to anyone or authorities.