OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police officers responded to a reported call of a burglary in progress, Wednesday morning. The victim claimed a man was trying to break into the front door of the home.

Upon arrival according to the police report, the homeowner, Stacie Teigen, told authorities that just after 7:00 a.m. she heard a knock at her front door. Teigen opened the door to find a man, who lived across the street, yelling hysterically saying the ADT and neighborhood watch stickers on her front window belonged to him and that she stole them. He then noticed a coffee maker insider her home and said that also belonged to him.

Teigen told the man she needed to go get her husband and shut the door. But Teigen, who was home alone with her three children, went downstairs to retrieve a shotgun.

That's when Teigen told authorities she heard a loud crash and screaming. She went back upstairs and found her front door off the hinges and the man standing in her living room. She pointed the shotgun and pulled the trigger. But the gun didn't fire.

Teigen said, the man slowly backed out of her home and ran across the street to his house.

An officer arrested Braden Green, 45, of Oklahoma City, at his home without incident on burglary charges.

While in custody, Green made several statements that his neighbors were stealing from him and he was not going to take it anymore.

The officer then explained to him that had the bolt been forward on the shotgun, he likely would not be here.