EDMOND, Oklahoma - News 9 is learning more about a 6-year-old Edmond boy who died in a car accident on Sunday.

Saxton Watley was killed when a driver under the influence of medication went the wrong way on the Kilpatrick Turnpike. The accident injured his mother and older brother.

Thursday afternoon News 9 visited with Saxton's kindergarten class at Angie Debo Elementary School in Edmond. They made cards and wrote letters, and Thursday evening Saxton's teacher made a visit to the hospital to pass along those special well wishes to his family.

"I was trying to go back and think what was the last thing I said to Saxton as we're walking out the door,” his teacher Tiffany Guarnieri said.

But that time he walked out the door of his Kindergarten class was the last. Saxton Watley's sweet little face is now on the “Wish You Well” board inside his classroom, but some of his classmates are still struggling to grasp that even all the wishes in the world won't bring him back.

"I had one student that the mother had shared with me that the little girl was praying last night that he'll start to feel better so he can come back to school,” his teacher said. “Then the mom was having a hard time herself having to have to go back and re-explain this that he won't be coming back to class."

His tiny desk is untouched, but a few of the last things his little hands touched are still here.

"This was one of the leprechauns that we had made,” Guarnieri said.

They are waiting to be given to his family.

"Little happy faces on his fish. Sweet,” she said.

Just like the spirit Guarnieri said he brought to school each day with a quiet smile.

"So pure and gentle,” she said. “He was just so kind hearted."

And will forever be in the hearts of those who knew him.

"I just wish that I'd had more time to tell him how much he's loved, because that's what I'm doing right now,” Guarnieri said. “I'm in my kitchen at my home and I'm just saying ‘Saxton, I love you. I'm thinking about you. You're in my heart.'”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol wants to talk with anyone who may have encountered the driver who caused the accident that killed Saxton.

A go fund me account has been set up for Saxton's family at GoFundMe.com/Wishes4TheWatleys