OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are investigating a "suspicious death" after a woman's body is found in her motel room.

The body was discovered by a maid at The Green Carpet Inn on the southwest side, who quickly alerted the front desk.

Police are not releasing many details at this point, but people who live at the motel believe the woman was murdered.

“She was pretty, pretty bad. Somebody really did bad things to this woman. She didn't need to die the way she did,” said motel tenant, Jeffrey Walls.

Jeffery Walls said it was around 10:00 Thursday morning when he saw a maid trying to get inside a room a couple of doors down.

“She was looking through the window trying to find her and see what was wrong because she couldn't get the door open,” said Walls.

The woman preparing to clean motel room 216 saw a body blocking the front door.

Jeffery said she quickly called someone for help at the front desk.

“And he was trying to get the door open and he was afraid to check her, so he come over to my door and ask if I would check the person because he was afraid,” said Walls. “I went down and I looked in the door area, and I could tell she was dead, and the smell was just ferocious.”

Jeffrey called 911.

“It looked like somebody beat her real bad and also doped her up, and it looked like she struggled to try to walk to get out of the room and get help,” said Walls.

But despite the gruesome and shocking discovery, some people who have lived at The Green Carpet Inn for quite some time aren't surprised at all.

“This is the second suspicious death that's happened at this hotel since I've been here, and it's ridiculous,” said motel tenant Christopher Alfred.

“She was just standing over here dancing and lollygagging, you know having a good time, and I didn't realize it was the same woman,” said Walls.

Motel managers told News 9 the woman stayed at the hotel for three days.

Her identify and cause of death have not been released.