OKLAHOMA CITY - A corporal with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office was arrested and charged with larceny for stealing a wallet from the lost and found at an OKC movie theater.

According to court documents, Cpl. Jason Bass is accused of stealing a wallet last month from the "lost and found" at the AMC movie theater inside Penn Square Mall in mid-March.

The manager at the theatre told police a wallet was turned in to lost and found on March 19, but when the owner came to claim it a few days later the wallet was gone. After reviewing surveillance footage, the manager told police she saw Bass take something from the lost and found and put it in his pocket.

Bass was then arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on one count of Petit Larceny following an investigation. He has since been released.

Sources at the Oklahoma County Sheriff's office tell News 9 that Bass resigned from his position this week.