MOORE, Oklahoma - A rare view of severe weather was caught on camera as the event unfolded from the view of first responders.

This was the first time Moore police officers wore body cams during a major storm.

It's some incredible video that takes us into the storm and its immediate aftermath.

“It looks like it's crossing Eastern, about 19th, in between 4th and 19th,” said Sgt. Joseph Williams to dispatch.

Frantic moments set the scene, and it was caught on the body cam of Sgt. Williams.

“Your northeast is clear,” said Sgt. Williams. “That's where I'm headed.”

Sgt. Williams was leaving a nearby restaurant where he could see the storm heading his way.

Around the same time, another officer saw the tornado cross right in front of him, and it was caught on his dash cam.

Sgt. Williams tried to get in front of the storm but made several stops along the way.

He saw an SUV sitting in middle of the road, airbags deployed.

“We didn't have a warning this time. Last time, we had a little bit of a warning,” said Sgt. Williams.

“We got pretty good damage here at about 4th and Irving,” Williams radioed to dispatch. “I've got roofs taken off of some of the houses.”

Joseph checked to see if anyone was inside another abandoned car.

“I wasn't expecting to see the damage, some of the damage I had seen,” said Williams. “I just wanted to make sure everybody was safe.”

“Do you think there might be a way you can check on them? I tried to knock on their door, and they're an elderly couple and I think they got out, but I don't know,” said a neighbor to Sgt. Williams.

Williams walked over to the home.

“You guys alright? Your neighbors were worried about you,” said Williams, checking on the couple.

“We don't sign up for money or anything, we sign up to do the job,” said Williams. “That's all I was doing. Nothing special, just doing my job.”

The Moore police department purchased 18 body cams last month as part of a pilot program. If successful and money available, the department said it plans to purchase about 70 more.