Somewhat lost in all of the tornado coverage last week, was a news conference at Fairview Baptist Church in northeast Oklahoma City.

Levi Pettit, 20, from Dallas, one of the SAE fraternity members captured on a cell phone video leading a racist chant on the way to a party, publicly apologized.

It was a horrible position that Levi Pettit put himself in.

He and his family have been through the ringer from what I've seen, and what I've been told by people close to them.

I met his parents a couple of times in the past, they're good people, and I know they were devastated by what was on that cell phone video, so coming forward publicly was the right thing to do. I give credit to him for owning up to it, and a lot of credit, too to the African American community leaders who embraced the Pettit family.

Senator Anastasia Pittman said she does not believe Levi Pettit is a racist, and that his action was more ignorant than malicious.

Pettit it showed a lot of guts for a 20-year-old college kid saying he didn't deserve their forgiveness, and Senator Pittman and the other leaders there displayed an amazing amount of grace accepting his personal apology.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.