CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Cleveland County judge dismissed a lawsuit regarding a video that shows a physical dispute between Joe Mixon and Amelia Molitor.

Judge Thad Balkman cites that the video does not "depict an arrest or show the cause of an arrest," because Mixon was never arrested by an officer. In August, Mixon appeared at the Cleveland County jail on his own and was then released. 

The lawsuit was filed by Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters against the City of Norman and the Norman Police Department. OAB claims the city of Norman violates the Open Records Act by not releasing the video the public.

The judge also said the video was used for a criminal investigation, "not to satisfy curiosity."

In October, Mixon entered an "Alford Plea" to the misdemeanor charge of Acts Resulting in Gross Injury. As a result, Mixon's case was "disposed of and deferred."

Reporter Justin Dougherty is following this story. Stay with us for updates.