OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man accused of plotting to kill his girlfriend with Ricin has bonded out of jail on Monday.

According to a notification from the VINE Service, Preston Rhoads has been released from custody as of Monday, December 8. A judge set a $200,000 bond for Rhoads Friday afternoon. Court officials said Rhoads will remain under “house arrest” at his parents' home in Ada, and he is required to wear a GPS ankle monitor.

Preston Rhoads was charged with two counts of attempted murder and two counts of solicitation to commit murder.

The incident occurred back in April, 2014, when a friend and former co-worker of Rhoads turned him in after a meeting between the two at Rhoads' home in Oklahoma City.

The friend stated that Rhoads showed him a vial of Ricin and wanted to hire him to poison Rhoads' pregnant girlfriend in order to kill the unborn baby. The friend also said that Rhoads didn't mind if his girlfriend died in the process.

He refused Rhoads' request and claimed Rhoads got angry and left.

The friend contacted authorities a few days later after being concerned Rhoads would follow through with the plan himself.