OKLAHOMA CITY - It is Cedar Pollen time again!

One pollen that I am very sensitive to - as are many Oklahomans - is Mountain Cedar pollen. It is found in central Texas and also in the Arbuckle mountains. It typically hits peak late December into January. Fortunately, it depends on the proper wind direction and speed to transport this insidious cloud of particles our way.

Station 1 in OKC, which we usually get the daily pollen report from, has not been in operation since September. Oklahoma City's Station 2 is available, and it is found here.

The eastern red cedar pollen, which actually comes from the Juniper family not Cedar, is about to be unleashed, and it typically starts its wrath in February and peaks in March.

If you notice your allergies getting out of control the next couple months, Mountain Cedar is probably to blame!