TUTTLE, Oklahoma - A couple ended up in jail after a bizarre crime at an exotic animal park. The two were arrested by Grady County Sheriff Deputies on New Year's Day for breaking into the Tiger Safari on the night of Dec. 27.

Tammy Whygle was spotted in a restricted area of the park by an employee on Wednesday. According to owner Bill Meadows, Whygle had previously asked to volunteer at the park, which is why the employee recognized the woman.

Meadows found her picture and posted it on a Facebook page, and within minutes had tips about the woman.

"That was probably the only reason we actually caught her," explained Meadows.

He said he passed those tips along to deputies who showed up within minutes. They arrested Whygle, who tried hiding in the park. Her boyfriend, Jason Matthews, was also arrested after deputies stopped his car. Inside they found some of the stolen property.

"This is the tranquilizer gun that was stolen," explained Ashley McDonald, an employee at Tiger Safari.

They also made off with some medications that are costly and help the crew here make sure their big cats get the vaccines they need for healthy lives. Some televisions and rifles still have not been recovered after the break-in and Meadow's staff has been on edge since it happened because some of them live on site.

"It's nice to have some closure to it so we're not worried each night if we're going to have someone else come into the park and do much worse."

Meadows and his staff said they were all happy that none of the animals at the Tiger Safari were injured during the break-in.