EDMOND, Oklahoma - An Edmond Dog is being called a hero after he alerted his family that their house was on fire.

As the fire burned in the living room of the house in the 1700 block of Deer Park Drive early Monday morning, the smoke alarm screeched, but the two resident's inside kept sleeping. That's until Diesel, an American Pit Bull, jumped on the bed.

"The gentleman told me he's not allowed on the bed so he woke up and was going to get on the dog and then realized he could hear the smoke alarms and started smelling smoke and saw a glow around the corner," said Chief Mike Barnes.

Diesel alerted the family with enough time for them to get out of house safely and call firefighters. But if it wasn't for Diesel the story could have turned out much differently.

"It could have been very tragic so the dog's definitely a hero," said Barnes.

Chief Barnes say the fire did about $100,000 worth of damage. He says the department is looking for a way to honor Diesel for his heroism.