By Aly Walansky

Fashion is fast-paced and ever-changing, but you can always count on a black dress to make you look polished and pretty.

And while we all know the LBD is a closet staple -- and always will be -- this time of year, you are probably wearing it a lot more often. If you don’t have a lot of ways to update it, that can result in photo deja vu!

So modernizing the LBD is always a great way to go: colorful tights, patterns, bright shades, a fun jacket . . .  these are all ways to make a classic look completely groundbreaking.

The key is to try something different each time you wear your LBD. Here are some quick tips:

1. Add statement accessories

Chains, pearls, gems, etc., can make the outfit different.

2. Go bold

Tights, sweaters or belts can completely change an outfit too. I just got leopard-print tights that I can’t wait to pair with one of my dresses this season!

3. Rethink your footwear

Heels in pink, red, yellow -- you name it -- can bring that classic dress to a whole new level.

4. Try a tailored jacket

Tweed, patterned or fur, there are so many fun options to choose from.

We love the LBD because it’s classic, slimming and will never go out of style -- but that doesn’t mean you can’t always add a touch of your own style when you wear it. Now that you've got your outfit all ready to go, it's time for some make-up tips.

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