MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A Midwest City High School football coach is accused of a sex crime involving a student.

The 16-year-old alleged victim says he groped her in his classroom. He's charged with sexual battery, but has yet to be arrested.

Dewayne Williams, 40, was also teacher as well as one of the school's football coaches.

He recently resigned, citing "personal reasons." According to court documents, Williams is accused of always hugging the football trainers, which all happen to be females.

The 16-year-old female student alleges Williams started out "bumping her and poking her and the other trainers." She told police Oct. 15 was her first inappropriate encounter with the coach in his classroom. The teen claims as she left the classroom he gave her a "front hug, and slapped her on the butt."

Two days later, another encounter allegedly occurred in the coach's classroom. Court documents allege the teen went to the coach's classroom to ask him for a piece of gum. The teen says the coach hugged her again from the front, but this time more aggressively.

She alleges he "reached around her, grabbing her butt with both of his hands, pulling her closer to him." Then she says he closed the door and blinds to his classroom, and "pulled her down to sit on his lap." The victim says the coach began to "rub the inside of her right leg, and put his hand under her shirt, and pulled her pants away from her body."

The teen says Williams kept asking the teen, "What she had under there?"

When confronted about the allegations, Williams told a Midwest City detective, that it is "normal for him to hug the teen, because he has known her for a couple of years."

No one was home when we stopped by his southeast Oklahoma City home. Neighbors say the former coach has a wife and at least two children, and they hope the allegations aren't true.

Williams has been on administrative leave since the alleged incident. His resignation isn't effective until Dec. 20.