OKLAHOMA CITY - A man accused of kidnapping and beating a metro woman is finally behind bars Friday night.

News 9 first reported the attack Monday and now that woman has a message for everyone.

Grace Coleman said all along it was her ex-boyfriend, Donnie Anderson, who kidnapped and beat her up. Now Anderson faces a long list of charges.

Anderson is being held on two counts of kidnapping, two counts of domestic abuse by strangulation, violating a victim protection order, robbery and several other charges after police say he attacked Grace Coleman.

Coleman say she feels safer since Anderson was arrested, but the mental scars of the attack may never heal.

"Nightmares is really what is getting to me, waking up and fighting for my life. I wake up and feel like someone is choking me," said Coleman.

On September 26, Coleman says she was driving near 15th and Air Depot in Midwest City when her ex-boyfriend ambushed her. Court documents say Anderson used a taser all over Coleman's body, tried to choke her out, pummeled her with his fists and bit her.

"I've always forgiven him for all the things he's done to me and there was no reason for him to try to take my life," Coleman said.

Anderson is no stranger to violence. His rap sheet shows felony convictions for rapes, violating protection orders, assault and battery, threatening a witness and numerous drug and gun crimes.

"Anytime that you're dealing with someone in domestic violence you have a big concern," Coleman.

Coleman hopes others learn from her mistake.

"Any kind of domestic violence, as soon as they see that sign they should get away from that person. I didn't and that's where I messed up," said Coleman.

Since Anderson is a sex offender, he has to check in weekly with authorities and that's where police picked him up today. He was denied bond and is in jail tonight.