OKLAHOMA CITY - A murder investigation is underway after an Oklahoma City mother discovered the body of her son in a field.

The discovery came Tuesday near NE 16th St. and Martin Luther King.

Princess Williams first reported her son, 22 year old Prentice Williams, missing on the same day she eventually found him.

"After so many days we hadn't heard from him, that gave me a gut feeling. I knew something was wrong," said Williams.

Williams says her son disappeared on June 7 and soon after the mother says she began getting suspicious calls from a woman claiming her son had been shot and killed in a field.

"He's dead in the bushes. He's dead in a field. And this girl kept telling me this and I was like you know I don't want to hear that."

Four days later the mother would come across the field she'd been warned her about.

"I ran over there and he was you know what I'm saying, he was sitting there dead."

Oklahoma City police say they found obvious trauma to the victim's body, but are not saying exactly how Prentice Williams died. The mother says someone shot him and left him to die. Williams says she knows who is responsible. 

"He is going to get caught cause there [are] too many people saying the guy's name that did it."

Williams claims she confronted the possible suspect and is now waiting for police to do the same.

"We will not give up. I'm not giving up."

Police are waiting on the medical examiner to determine the exact cause of death.