OKLAHOMA CITY - The search is on for a dog that went missing following a crash on Interstate 40 just outside of Oklahoma City Tuesday morning.

Jessica Garruto and Tyrone Bond need your help getting their 1-year-old pup "Tobin" back.

Garruto and Bond rolled their vehicle after hitting black ice on Interstate 40 between Choctaw and Anderson Tuesday morning. They both managed to come out of the car, but suffered bumps and bruises, and received several stitches for their injuries.

However, two dogs that were inside the vehicle at the time of the crash went missing. The owners said one dog has been found and suffered a broken leg. But the other dog named "Tobin" is still missing.

According to the owners, Tobin is a rescue dog who just found his new home. He has a collar with tags and is micro-chipped. He weighs 50 pounds, and has black curly hair with a white chest and a white paw.

If you have any information, contact the owners at (505)-934-4398, or (301)-467-0396.