OKLAHOMA CITY - Teddy Mitchell, who is accused of running a illegal gambling business in Oklahoma City, is off house arrest on Thursday, according to the Court Clerk's Office.

The judge signed the order on Thursday for Mitchell to be off house arrest. That means he is no longer quarantined to his house or the lawyer's office.

Mitchell is allowed to move around the Western District of Oklahoma, but still has to wear his ankle monitor.

The government alleges Mitchell hosted high-stakes poker games at his Oklahoma City home for more than 20 years. Investigators say Mitchell also ran an elaborate sports betting operation as well.

FBI investigators say Mitchell tried to hide millions of dollars through real estate transactions involving his older sister, who is a real estate agent.

Mitchell's attorney, Scott Adams, says his client had a license to run poker games and is guilty of nothing criminal.

Teddy Mitchell's federal trial is scheduled to begin in April.