OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City police arrested a man who reportedly said he'd made a tool specifically for killing police officers.

Witnesses called police to the Family Dollar Store at S.W. 29th Street and S. Kentucky Ave. on Tuesday, August 7. A man was grabbing customers outside the store and scaring them. Witnesses said he was also kicking the windows and walls of the store.

A police officer arrived and questioned the man, later identified as 44-year-old Bryan Keith Baker. The officer said as he searched Baker for weapons he found a nearly-empty bottle of vodka in his pocket. He also found a shank hidden in the front of Baker's pants.

The shank was a piece of steel that had been sharpened at the end. According to the police report, when the officer asked Baker what the tool was for, he replied, "For killing cops."

The report also claimed Baker said he wanted to "kill cops and suck the blood out of their jugular veins."

The officer arrested Baker on complaints of carrying a concealed weapon and public drunkenness.