CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma - Investigators have discovered a body inside a wildfire-damaged house in Cleveland County.

The body was found Saturday in a home near 120th Street and Highway 9. The badly-burned remains were sent to the State Medical Examiner's Office for identification.

Norman's Fire Chief confirmed that a crew discovered the remains inside a burned out home in a rural part of the city. They had been searching on Saturday for a person who was reported missing when they came across the body near 144th and Cedar Lane.

Monday, the house was still surrounded by yellow police tape. The house was completely burned to the ground in the fire. 

The State Medical Examiner's Office reported that the victim was an adult.

Amy Elliot, a spokeswoman for the M.E.'s office, could not give any addition details. She said the body was burned so badly they had not yet determined the victim's race or gender.

The office has requested dental records to help confirm the person's identity. Elliot added that it could day several days before they make a positive identification.

The house where the victim was found was in an evacuated area where several other homes caught fire and burned.

Neighbors say a woman lived in the house. They said folks tried to get her to leave but she refused.

More than two dozen structures burned in the Cleveland County fire. Residents were allowed to go back in to survey the damage Sunday morning.

The wildfire in Cleveland County burned about 12.5 square miles and destroyed 25 structures, including several homes.