YUKON, Oklahoma - The extreme heat is causing problems with the water supply and it's to the point now where some people in the metro don't have water at all.

That was the case for Rob Palmer Wednesday night,

"Nothing, nothing at all," Palmer says. "It was about 10, my wife was getting ready for bed and she came in yelling at me (and) said there's not water at all tonight."

Palmer lives in Yukon and although his house is in the shadow of a water tower. He gets his water from Oklahoma City and he's near the end of the waterline.

"The people at the far reaches of the water system get the low water pressure," said Debbie Ragan, with the City of Oklahoma City.

Ragan says this is exactly the reason why Oklahoma City instituted a mandatory water restriction Wednesday. Extreme temperatures means everyone is using all the water up before it gets to Palmer and his neighbors. Nearby restaurants have even reported low water pressure.

"Our system is doing all it can do. Our treatment plants are doing all they can do to get as much water out as necessary. We just want to maintain water pressure throughout the city," said Ragan.

Restrictions will stay in place until there's rain. For those like Palmer, he would settle for at least some water from the faucet.

"When it gets to the point you can't take a shower or do the normal stuff in the house that's where it becomes a real pain," Palmer said.

If everyone abides by the restrictions, Palmer's water problems should get better. And that's why the city is taking these restrictions seriously. If you get caught violating the rules, the first ticket is $167.