OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City firefighters responded to a fire in the 1200 block of N.W. 17th Street near N. Classen Boulevard on Monday.

When they arrived, firefighters discovered all the occupants of the four-plex outside and a fire shooting through the southeast corner of the building.

Fire crews attacked the fire from the ground and from the roof and were able to put the fire out. No word on what started the fire or if it started in an occupied or unoccupied unit.

According to the fire chief, there was a mattress that had caught fire and had been dragged out of the four-plex. Fourteen-year-old Sparkle Wilson was at home with her aunt when they started smelling smoke.

"She went outside to check and then ran in and said there was a fire and for us to get out," said Wilson, who had two other family members with her at the time.

Everyone who was inside during the fire got out safely.

Deputy Fire Chief Marc Woodard says the complex was an old building without any fire walls to keep the fire from spreading to other units and to the roof.