OKLAHOMA CITY - Neighbors are speaking out against ongoing violence in their northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood after an overnight shooting left one man dead.

Police say 24-year-old Justin Palazzo was shot and killed while in his car. The car then jumped a curb and plowed through a garage. Palazzo was pronounced dead on the scene.

The victim's family said Justin recently moved into the neighborhood with his girlfriend. His father said Justin was on his way back from buying a pack of cigarettes when the shooting happened and he never made it home.

"This neighborhood is really bad. They need to get it together over here. Everybody needs to come together and stop killing each other," said Renea Wiley.

Wiley's reaction was echoed by several people in the neighborhood after the deadly shooting. For Wiley, it hit too close to home.

"My son got shot maybe two months ago and it was a drive-by and we never found out who did it and another little boy got killed in front of him," she explained.

Wiley was not the only parent fed up with the constant violence in the area Friday.

"This neighborhood is very bad. Basically it's been a lot of shooting going on," explained Renee Rogers. "It needs to be a lot more police out here. It needs to be a lot of more stuff going on and they need to do something different because a lot of more people is going to get killed or hurt."

Police don't have a suspect, leaving neighbors like Rogers and Wiley on edge.

"Somebody needs to find out who did this because if not it's a dude driving around shooting them, then what's going to happen next," said Rogers.

Anyone with information is asked to call the homicide hotline at (405) 297-1200.