OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Forestry Services (OFS) division is asking Oklahomans to be extremely careful as the potential for wildfires grows across the state.

OFS says the extreme heat, exceptionally dry fuels, increasing winds and lack of rain in the forecast have created dangerously perfect conditions for wildfires to rage out of control.

"Conditions are deteriorating," said Oklahoma State Forester George Geissler. "Fire behavior is nearing the point where firefighters' initial attack will be unsuccessful and long duration wildfires can happen."

The persistent drought conditions across most of the state have created miles of dry lawns, pastures and hay meadows that are highly flammable. OFS warns common activities such as lawn mowing or harvesting a crop can spark a wildfire.

"Caution should be taken with any outdoor activities," said Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture Jim Reese. "Under these conditions, sparks can ignite easily and fires will spread quickly. I ask all agriculture producers to be cautious with equipment such as hay balers that can spark and accidentally ignite a wildfire."