EL RENO, Oklahoma - Testimony resumed Monday in the mental competency hearing for Joshua Durcho. Durcho is accused of killing his girlfriend Summer Rust and her four children.

Testimony was suspended for several weeks, but the hearing resumed Monday morning. Durcho's defense attorneys are trying to convince a judge that Durcho is mentally handicapped and ineligible for the death penalty.

State psychologist Dr. Shawn Roberson is back on the stand. In late June, he testified Durcho's I.Q. falls close to the range for mental retardation, but does not quite qualify.

In addition to the psychologist, the court has also heard from Durcho's family members, El Reno Public Schools Special Education Director, and other doctors during the mental health hearing.

Dr. Roberson is said to be the last witness to testify in the non-jury trial. Canadian County Judge Gary Miller will then decide if Durcho is eligible for the death penalty.