NORMAN, Oklahoma - A bottling facility in Norman is expanding. The expansion of Natural Water Company, a member of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition, will occur in two phases.

The bottling facility is located at the southwest corner of 24th West Avenue and State Highway 9 East. Phase one includes building a new 5,250 square-foot addition and purchasing new production and packaging equipment. This phase should be complete by December 2012.

Phase two, expected to be complete in 2013, includes demolishing the current bottling facility and turning the space into a 5,000 square-foot warehouse for water and coffee services. The warehouse will also serve as a repair facility for water coolers and coffee brewers.

"We are excited to expand our facility, and we expect the new space will double our production capacity and allow us to serve Oklahomans more quickly and efficiently," said Jerry Dyer, Natural Water Company general manager and Made in Oklahoma Coalition president.

The company has provided quality drinking water to people throughout Oklahoma since 1989. The water is drawn from an artesian well, purified by reverse osmosis and sterilized through ozonation to leave clean, refreshing water.