OKLAHOMA CITY - EMSA Officials have issued a second heat alert of summer, 2012, Monday afternoon.

The first heat alert was issued on June 25 this year.

According to officials, since midnight on Monday, July 9, paramedics have treated seven patients with symptoms of heat-related illness and a handful more that may be considered heat-related.

Officials say when they respond to five or more heat-related medical calls in a 24-hour period, and dangerously hot weather is expected to continue, and EMSA heat alert will be issued.

EMSA officials offered following tips on preventing heat-related illness:

PRE-HYDRATION is key in preventing heat related illness. Drink plenty of water or electrolyte replacement drinks several hours prior to long exposure to the summer heat.

Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing and a wide brimmed hat if working outdoors and take plenty of shade breaks.

Officials also stated there is no "safe" amount of time kids can be left in a hot car. How quickly a child becomes ill varies widely based on a number of conditions, including:

The child's hydration level to begin with the temperature in the car (which can vary based on car interior, temperature outdoors, whether there is shade, etc.)

The child's weight

The child's overall health (diabetes and other chronic medical conditions can make a child less able to tolerate the heat), and any medications the child may be taken.

Pets are also susceptible to the same dangers as humans when left in cars during the summer months.