OKLAHOMA CITY - Police arrested an 18-year-old after he admitted to being high on synthetic drugs called "bath salts."

Alexander Ingham was arrested on the fourth of July on charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

According to police, an officer responded to the report of a fight in the area of Brookside Drive and Broadmoor Avenue. As the officer arrived, he said Ingham was yelling obscenities at people.

The police report stated Ingham was "clearly out of touch with reality due to some sort of intoxication." Police say Ingham also began yelling insults and obscenities at the officer.

The arrest report says Ingham was also having a hard time walking and wasn't making any sense. The officer says he was trying to help him when he caused them both to fall.

The officer said Ingham eventually admitted to him that he was high on "bath salts." But, by the time he got Ingham to the jail, he said he started acting normally.