By Bobbie Miller, News 9 and

EDMOND, Oklahoma -- They're difficult to get rid of with nearly no known cure. Those jingles you just can't get out of your head can be catchy, silly, or just plain annoying.

An Edmond man has made it his business to make us sing those tricky tunes all day long. Erick Alexander's business is jingles. He went to school to be an opera singer, but his career path changed when he sang in a few ads and won an award.

Since then, he's written, composed and sung for numerous spots. Sometimes he's still shocked he manages to earn a living by singing jingles.

Alexander eventually started his own company called EAM Sounds. He meets with clients then begins daydreaming to come up with just the right jingle.

"I like hearing about people and their stories," said Alexander. "I incorporate that into the jingle. Mattress company or car dealership, it's all the same to me."