McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - After three hours of emotional testimony and arguments from attorneys, a judge sentenced Jordan Powell to five years in prison.  

Judge Lori Walkley told the packed courtroom that she prayed about this case a lot. Walkley was brought in from Cleveland County after the McClain County judge was asked to remove himself from the case after it was discovered he knew Powell's father.

Judge Walkley told Powell, "I hope you can make better decisions." She said even though people wrote letters in support of Powell, the judge said she had to consider the fact that he " cost five people their lives." 

Powell will serve at least 85 percent of his sentence.  The judge also told Powell she wants him to come back and prove to her how he will make it right.  

The rest of his sentence, 20 years, is suspended, but the judge said she can change that. 

"I can pile it up if you ever get in trouble again," she said.

Family members of victims said they were happy with the sentence.  Representatives of each of the five victims asked the judge for prison time for Powell.

"Jordan, your life is out of control.  You made too many bad decisions," Patricia Godfrey, whose daughter Becky was killed, said.

Witnesses for the defense testified all six people were drinking the night of the accident, and Powell was the least drunk.  

Powell's father also testified. 

"We lost a big part of Jordan. He has lived with this every day," Zack Powell said.

When it was Jordan Powell's chance to testify, he told the judge he takes full responsibility for the accident.

"I wake up every morning thinking about it, go to sleep every night thinking about it," said Powell. "I miss every one of my friends." 

Prosecutors asked for a five-year prison sentence and 10 years of probation.  Defense attorneys argued Powell should get a lengthy probationary period but no jail time.