OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man was arrested after being accused of excessively spanking his girlfriend's one-year-old daughter.

Charles Elliott Williams, 23, was arrested on Sunday on child abuse charges at an apartment, located in the 12700 block of N. Pennsylvania Avenue.

A maintenance worker said he went to the apartment to check on the tiles and heard Williams yell at the baby girl. The worker said Williams then began spanking the girl "above and beyond a normal spanking and last a long continuous time."

Police say when the worker went back to the apartment the next day, the victim's mother and friend showed the worker photos of the baby girl's severely-bruised bottom. That's when the worker called police.

According to police, officers conducted background checks on the paternal and maternal grandparents of the baby, as well as the baby's biological father, and there were felony convictions on both sides.

The baby girl and her siblings were taken into protective custody.