OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro is father behind bars and a baby fighting for his life after an alarming incident of child abuse.

The two-month-old baby was brought to the hospital Monday and was thought to be dead, but doctors and nurses were able to revive him. Now court documents reveal that the baby's father admitted that he shook and bit the baby.

Wednesday they baby's 20-year-old father went before a judge for his probable cause hearing. Charles Whitlow said nothing as the judge read the possible charge he could face, which right now is just child abuse. He is being held on a $10.000 bond, but he has not been formally charged.

News 9 talked with the baby's mother on Tuesday, who shared video of baby Corbin taken just a few days ago. She says the baby was happy and healthy and she never saw any prior signs of abuse.

Court papers reveal Whitlow admitted to shaking Corbin and forcefully slamming him into his baby bed. For the baby's mother, knowing he may not survive is a nightmare.

"It's just the most awful thing and just the way he looks it's just awful. You just don't think that something like this could happen, you are just so happy and then it just gets taken away," said the mother.

News 9 checked with police and Baby Corbin is still listed in Critical condition.