OKLAHOMA CITY - Shots ring out at a northeast Oklahoma City housing complex, and we know both a man and woman are dead as a result.

Neighbors living in the housing complex are scared about the increase in crimes they are seeing there.

The neighbors live in section 8 housing and say they've seen their fair share of crime in that neighborhood. But they say shootings like the one Thursday night has them concerned about their family's safety.

The shooting happened outside the Sooner Haven apartments near N.E. 36th and Lottie shortly after Thursday night's shooting.

Tonya Panoske and her three children were also outside when it happened.

"I just saw a car speeding this way and all I hear is gunshots that way," Panoske said.

Both a woman and a man, identified as 24-year-old Israel Jackson, were killed in the shooting. Panoske says this isn't the first time they've heard shots fired at the apartment complex. And her friend and neighbor agree.

"As soon as it got hot, gunshots started going off, I'm scared for my kids to go down to the playground cause you know these guys hang around the playground, and no telling where the gunshots are going to come from they shoot through the fence, they come inside they shoot it's pretty fearful for me and my kids you know," Michael Proctor said.

Now both these parents are worried about raising their kids here.

"Yeah we can't even let the kids play because he was at the park the last time they were shooting back and forth and across," Proctor said.

Panoske knows she can't keep the kids cooped up inside the whole summer, but she worries about letting them out. She just hopes she and the kids can move soon.

"Oh yes, we're going to move shortly because this is just too much, I mean this is supposed to be family housing and you can't raise a family out here with everything that goes on out here," she said.

Police said since January, they have received almost 200 911 calls to that housing complex.

Police are still looking for whoever pulled the trigger. If you have any information, please call the homicide tipline at (405)-297-1200.