Ok, I'm getting ready to say something a lot of Thunder fans don't want to hear, and I really don't want to say, but...the Thunder, the Mayor, and OCPD made the right call shutting down the Thunder Alley watch party.

Too many people trying to cram into too small of an area, and no real effective way to control it.

Trust me I've racked my brain trying to come up with ways they could make it more manageable without shutting off the big screen.

I've bounced ideas off a Thunder executive for the last couple of days. I picked the Mayor's brain today. The bottom line is, if it continues it's going to grow and get rowdier.

I asked the Thunder and the Mayor Wednesday about the possibility of a Thunder Watch Party in the Bricktown Ballpark. Neither side wanted to take it on, but they both admitted the idea has merit.

You charge $3 to $5 a head to defer the costs and show the game on a big screen in the ballpark. It's still that outdoor Thunder watch party where people can mill around, but with controlled entrances and exits.

It's a good option, problem is the Redhawks have a big home stand coming up; the only open dates at the Ballpark are for game one and game 7 of the Thunder/Spurs series. (Both away games for the Thunder.)

I know thousands who can't get in the arena enjoy the energy of watching the game together. Would you pay $5 to watch playoff games at the Bricktown Ballpark?