OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma County prosecutors have charged a man with first-degree murder for a fatal stabbing at an Oklahoma City Park near S.W. 38th and Lindsey.

Investigators say on May 1, Larry Olson walked up to Thomas Benton while he was sitting in Hathaway Park. According to court documents, Olson argued with Benton before stabbing him in the chest. Benton managed to run away but collapsed in the park and died.

Police later went to Olson's home, where they said they found the murder weapon – a double-edged knife with a nearly 9-inch blade – hidden in a trash bin outside the house. The knife had been cleaned.

An eyewitness identified Olson as the man who stabbed Benton. Police said when they interviewed Olson, he admitted he was angry with Benton. He accused Benton of breaking into his uncle's vacant house, which is next door to Olson's home. Olson said he confronted Benton because he wanted him to fix the broken door. The police report stated Olson became angry when Benton didn't respond, so Olson stabbed him.