OKLAHOMA CITY - Employees at Oklahoma's Unclaimed Property division keep track of millions of lost dollars.

Kathy Janes is the director of the division. She says it's easier than you think to lose track of your money.

"It could be that a bank account was closed and they didn't get their property back. It could be a utility deposit that wasn't returned. [There are] a lot of oil and gas properties."

The state simply doesn't have the resources to track down those with unclaimed property. The state treasurer's department tries to let people know about their missing money by publishing a list in the newspaper, and having a booth at the state fair. There's also a way to search on line.

It took just 15 minutes to locate several News 9 employees with missing money. Shadik Ahmad has $45 from a tax rebate check he never cashed.

"I'm really happy that I have some money coming in. I might take my wife out to dinner," Ahmad said.

Alex Cameron has $175 from dividends.

"Well, I'm shocked and happy at the same time."

Kallie Langham was pleasantly surprised to find out she's got $200 coming to her.

"That's awesome. I had no idea that I had money out there," said Langham. "It's like free money. I don't know where it came from."

News 9 thought we'd hit the jackpot for Bill Newton: a whopping $700. But it turns out the money belongs to his son, who has the same name.

"I told him there was a finder's fee," Newton said.