OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro park is getting a bad reputation. Police say it is a popular place for people to gather for casual sex.

Trosper Park, near S.E. 29th and Eastern in Oklahoma City, has been infamous for hookups since the 1970s. Park visitors say the problem is getting worse.

It seems like just about everyone in the area knows what happens at the park. Police say people looking for sex will back into parking spots to show they're willing to receive, and pull in forward to show they want to give.

Just as soon as the News 9 truck pulled into the park's parking lot, multiple vehicles started taking off all at the same time. Police say the same thing happens when a squad car rolls up. So, most of the police work must be done undercover.

"We can't do anything unless we catch them doing something," Capt. Dexter Nelson, Oklahoma City police spokesperson said.

Two men sitting in their vehicles talked to News 9 but would not go on camera. Both say they were just hanging out in the park and say the hookup scandal is growing with numbers of park visitors and website hits. A simple Google search brings up many websites directing people to the park for some quick fun.

Nelson says it is common for people interested in sex to meet their partners along park trails and in wooded areas.

"I don't know, there's something about outdoors and the trees that turns some people on," Nelson said.

Police say Trosper Park is not the only popular sex hangout. Hobie Point at Lake Hefner and Will Rogers Park in northwest Oklahoma City also keep police busy.

The latest bust at Trosper Park was on May 9 when police say a prostitute was arrested in the parking lot.

"We go in there time and time again," Nelson said.

Police say they are not seeing as much activity at Trosper Park even with more than a dozen cars found in the parking lot on Friday.