OKLAHOMA CITY - It was a real life Cinderella story Saturday night for Chelsea Egge, a 17-year-old patient at the Children's Center in Bethany. She was invited to prom by a group of students at Carl Albert High School.

As songs by Justin Beiber blasted in the background Chelsea got the works. Hair, makeup, a pair of sparkling silver slippers and of course the perfect pink prom dress she picked out with mom.

"When I got here and I saw her come off the van, I almost cried," said Chelsea's mom Sheila Egge. "It's so neat to see her get to come to a real prom."

Chelsea was diagnosed shortly after birth with dystonic cerebral palsy, which causes her muscles to work against each other. She spends her school days at the Children's Center so she misses out on the typical teenage moments. The group of Carl Albert High Schoolers wanted to make sure she had a major rite of passage, prom.

"Every girl wants to be homecoming queen so I think it's pretty important to the girls and so hopefully it will be the same to Chelsea," said Megan Roy, the senior who came up with the idea to invite the kids from the Children's Center.

The group even named Chelsea the honorary prom queen along with Chris and Terry, Chelsea's two friends, who were crowned as kings. Chelsea accepted her crown in style, while her mother Sheila proudly looked on, her little girl looked like a princess.

"I don't know, it kind of makes you feel, oh Lord, she's grown up and she's not going to really be a baby anymore," said Sheila.

Megan, Josh and Lani decided to spend their high school's biggest night with the kids they met weeks ago at the Children's Center. They took Chelsea, Chris and Terry along for the fun night at senior prom.

"That takes a lot," said Sheila, "I mean that shows a big heart."

Bound to her wheelchair, Chelsea didn't let that stop her from dancing the night away with her new friends. Everyone who helped make this dream come true hopes other schools and students will see how something as simple as prom can actually make someone's dream come true. They want more schools to step up and do the same thing.