OKLAHOMA CITY - In broad daylight as children got home from school, police responded to a stabbing on S.W. 43rd and Robinson.

Barbara Maddox, who lives nearby, saw police speed by.

"People are saying it was a prostitute that supposedly stabbed her pimp. I don't know," Maddox said.

Brian Bates knows. He created John TV to document the deals on the street. He said Monday's madness involved the usual suspects.

"He is a known pimp by the name of ‘Stacks.' He was out here working one or two prostitutes. He mouthed off to another group of prostitutes and pimps somebody in that group stabbed him then took off," Bates said.

Bates said prostitution and violence in broad daylight with minimal police presence is a reality on Robinson.

"The public should not be concerned, it looked like it was between two people that may have been well, it is not just random," said Gamille Hardin with Oklahoma City Police Department.

Bates agrees.

"Nothing out here in Robinson is random. It's pretty expected. This is a pretty violent street," Bates said.

The man died in the street. There are no suspects at this time, but police are interviewing women who witnessed the stabbing.