EDMOND, Oklahoma - New information in the high profile murder of Julie Mitchell is leaked to the public. The wife of a wealthy gambler was found beaten to death in their Edmond home on November 2, 2010.

News 9 is learning investigators are currently looking at a person with known ties to the gambler. Sources confirm for News9 investigators filed two additional search warrants that could connect an Edmond insurance agent to the case.

More than a year and half ago, police began investigating the beating death of Julie Mitchell. The mother was found dead in a bedroom closet with her baby sitting next to her body.

Her husband, Teddy Mitchell was reportedly out of state during his wife's attack. Police have said Teddy Mitchell ran a bookmaking operation out of the home where his wife was murdered, and said it's not uncommon for several people to be in the home placing bets.

Now, Sources are revealing to News 9 that physical evidence could place Michael Thomas, an insurance agent in Edmond, at the house the same day Julie Mitchell was murdered.

Sources also confirm two months ago police searched Thomas' office and home. Investigators seized a computer from both locations. Investigators also reportedly collected a DNA swab from Thomas, but no one has been named a suspect in the murder case.

Thomas' lawyer, Ed Blau, tells News 9 Michael Thomas categorically denies any and all involvement in the death of Julie Mitchell, and it would be inappropriate to comment any further in an ongoing investigation.

In court documents obtained by News 9, Thomas' ex-wife further confirms a connection between Michael Thomas and Teddy Mitchell. The ex-wife filed a victim's protective order against Thomas saying, "I fear for my life on a daily basis."

The ex-wife also writes, "Michael is involved with Teddy Mitchell and has told me a lot of stuff," she then goes on to say,"he has told me to keep my mouth shut because that is how women get themselves killed."

No arrests have been made in this case.

Attorneys for the Mitchell family declined to comment saying they do not want to jeopardize the investigation.