MOORE, Oklahoma - Last week, a naked man was found dead in his driveway and surrounded in blood. Investigators have still not determined how Bill Cooksey died.

It's every mother's worst nightmare. Wilma Cooksey found her son dead in the driveway they share. She is convinced he was murdered and says the evidence suggests just that, but police are still scratching their heads.

"He was my baby," Wilma said as she fought back tears. "Boys are just special to their mother."

One week after her son's death, Wilma is on oxygen and being cared for by her sister. The stress of losing her son was almost too much to bear.

"[Wilma's] heart could not stand another major trauma," her sister Charlene said.

The event caused Wilma to suffer a medical condition known as broken heart syndrome.

"The only way I've gotten through it is with the doctor's assistance," Wilma said.

Wilma and her son, Bill, were close. In fact, Bill lived next to his mom in a duplex for nearly 20 years. She found her son dead outside the duplex just feet from her front door, but nobody seems to know how or why it happened.

Wilma is convinced Bill was murdered. She found blood around his body. A family member cleaned up the blood shortly after the death after investigators allowed people to return to the home.

Moore police say they are waiting for a toxicology report to be returned to determine a cause of death. But, the story is fishy and becoming more bizarre. Last week, police said Bill was naked and there was trauma to his body. Now, police say there's not any obvious reason that Bill should have been dead.

Family members continue to wait for a phone call from police. Until then, Wilma remembers her son through snapshots of life events and grieves without closure.

"I don't want them to give up on it," Wilma said. "I want to find out the truth."

Police have questioned Bill's wife, but she says she does not know how Bill died. Moore Police have been to the couple's home in the past on a domestic violence call.

Family members say they do need help with funeral expenses. A fund has been set up at the FAA Federal Credit Union for the Cooksey family.